Jews, Choose! (An Exhortation in Honor of Chanukah)

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“A blogger writes about how one of Judaism’s holiest days ended, for her, in a strip club, while elsewhere a guy strolls into a tattoo parlor requesting a Star of David. Two women exchange wedding vows in a Jewish ceremony, and hipsters toss back bottles of HE’BREW, The Chosen Beer…. [Moses] couldn’t have seen these Jews coming.”

This is how a recent article begins, showcasing the so-called “New Jews” and the ways they express their Jewishness: with flagrant violation of Torah, and a heart ablaze for assimilation.  They are “making [Judaism] and its culture work for them and others in a time when, more than ever, affiliation is a choice.”  It’s an astute observation by Ms. Ravitz (the article’s author), and one that should make us shudder:  it’s happening again—as it has continually since the beginning—Jews choosing… as if we had a choice.   

The Scriptures testify against us:

  • Before we took the Land, we chose the daughters of Moav, and joined ourselves to Baal-P’or (Numbers 25:1ff).
  • After we took the Land, we chose the daughters of the survivors, and willingly served their idols (Joshua 23:12-13; Judges 3:1ff).
  • Our kings chose foreign women, and through disobedience, allowed their hearts to turn after foreign gods (1Kings 11:1-2).
  • We chose to reject Adonai’s covenant and imitate the nations around us, causing us to be removed from the presence of Adonai (2Kings 17:13-19).

And the real story of Chanukah begins with our willful assimilation, when…

  • …we chose to be “breakers of the Torah, and [seducers of] many people, saying: ‘Let us go and make an alliance with the Gentiles all around us….” (1Maccabees 1:11, NAB)
  • We chose to “[cover] over the mark of [our] circumcision and [abandon] the holy covenant;” (1Maccabees 1:15a, NAB)
  • and we chose to “[ally ourselves] with the Gentiles and [sell ourselves] to wrongdoing.” (1Maccabees 1:15b, NAB)

Since the beginning, we have been choosing for ourselves, following our own lusts, desires and fears… and every time, we have made the wrong choice.

As heart-wrenching as it is to admit, there is nothing “new” about the “New Jews”—they are only the most current evidence that Israel is continuing to choose the ways of the nations and the flesh over the ways of Adonai.  Perhaps not every Jew is a gay, drunken, tattooed voyeur… but that doesn’t mean we are not complete degenerates, constantly in search of new ways to please and comfort ourselves in a world that dares us to be different. No, for the Jew—indeed, for every disciple of Messiah—there is but one true choice: follow Adonai, and revile assimilation… be different, or die.

Though the real story of Chanukah begins with the lament for Israel’s infidelity, it thankfully ends with a message of hope: a few faithful ones can lead the way to restoration.  Now, more than ever, we need to set aside our fears and the temptations of the flesh, and follow only the politically incorrect ways of our Master.  May we refuse to fit in, and instead stand out and influence our people and the nations around us.  Let us boldly proclaim the message of turning away from ourselves, and choosing only to run after Him who grants everything we were ever truly after.

“I have caused to testify against you today the heavens and the earth; life and death I have set before you, the blessing and the cursing. So you: choose life—so that you will live; you and your seed—to love Adonai your God, to listen to His voice, and to cling to Him (for He is your life, and the length of your days)…” D’variym (Deuteronomy) 30:19-20

  • Kimber
    December 1, 2010

    Thank you Kevin for this article. It should cause each of us to search our hearts and our relationship with Yeshua. Everything that is shaken will be shaken. There is a sorting going on in the world. We are either going to follow Him or the ways of the world.

  • Cindy Ann Wagner
    December 2, 2010

    Kevin, Having just finished reading “The real story of Chanukah” (which by the way was great), it suddenly dawned on me or the light went off so to speak. Me, a mere one time Gentile-but by the grace of Yeshua and our great YHWH-I now feel joined with my Israelite brother’s and sister’s. This will be the first “Christmas” for me that I will not celebrate the pagan holiday, but I can not seem to get away from being around the world of “Christiandom”, for everywhere I go it is there. As I write this message Israel is ablaze and America is paralized in many parts by blizzard like conditions–may our one great GOD YHWH-please have mercy on us all for both Jew and Gentile have corrupted His Torah and we all like sheep have gone astray. My daily prayer is that Yeshua return very soon, because the whole world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket. For the love of God I write these thoughts, Cindy Wagner