Now Is the Time to Start Homeschooling

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Last year, if you read what I had Esther and my older boys write about homeschooling (go to, you may have thought it wasn’t relevant to you personally, or, if you have school-aged children or grandchildren, that home­schooling wasn’t a viable option for your family. Perhaps this year—with the practice of Critical Race Theory being exposed in schools—you’re starting to feel differently.

A year ago, we were strongly advocating for parents to remove their children from the public and private school systems altogether. The extent to which the United States became unrecognizable last year woke me up to the realization that decades of progressive, socialistic, Marxist, anti-God indoctrination in higher education had successfully filtered down into our nation’s secondary and even elementary schools. In the twenty-first century, American parents are now literally playing Russian Roulette with their children’s hearts, spirits, minds and lives—and the six-shooter has five bullets loaded. By continuing to allow strangers—with their strange values, biases and ideas—to impart who-knows-what to their children for up to thirty-five hours per week, parents are all but guaranteeing their children will be lost to a godless generation.

If you’re not aware, the practical outworking of Critical Race Theory (CRT) is to view everything through a racial lens, and therefore label the US as a hopelessly racist country, and every person in it as either a victim or oppressor—depending solely upon the color of their skin. This is apparently the line that parents all over America—from all political and social persuasions—are refusing to further allow their local school boards and teachers to cross. But, sadly, the damage is done. Parents may succeed in keeping certain curriculum out of the classrooms, but many teachers, who have themselves already been indoctrinated with these ideas, will still manage to impress them upon the impressionable minds of their students.

While CRT is the focus of the moment, the larger problem is that our nation’s leaders and influencers are now the product of the last fifty years of school-administered progressive conditioning. CRT and other reality-bending ideologies like it have infected the upper ranks of our corporations, government and military. The system that loathes your values is everywhere—and it has a foothold.

In a year’s time, the problem in our schools has only gotten worse, but the good news is, you can still effect change! Teaching the Scriptures to our children is the generational antidote, but we can’t expect the truth to take hold while their minds are simultaneously being filled with anti-biblical lies. Now is the time to start homeschooling, or to become a homeschool advocate within your circle of influence. Visit for help.

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