Election 2020: This Is What Really Needs to Change

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Election Day has come and gone, and we finally know (most likely) who the next U.S. President will be. But whether God chose the crass, unlikely defender of freedom and the American way, or the politically opportunistic puppet of the progressive left, unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter. Regardless of who serves as president for the next four years, or what majority holds which houses of Congress, or who sits on the Supreme Court, the United States is still headed for the same eventual end. It’s only a matter of how long it will take for us to get there. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Now, I still believe that we as followers of Messiah need to be informed voters who actively care about who we’re putting into office. But the reason why it ultimately doesn’t matter who wins is because it has no bearing on the fact that we will always have a huge, unfinished job to do for God. Whether we have freedom of speech or not, or freedom of religion or not, or freedom of assembly or not, we still need to proclaim Yeshua and share the Good News through our words and actions to friend and foe alike. Surely, the retention of those rights makes this far easier—and safer—for us to do. But would we really be where we are right now as a country if we had truly, collectively, taken advantage of that ease and safety?

So no matter who is president—no matter what good or destructive societal changes take place in either the short or long term—we still have the same job as before. What, then, are we going to do about it? My counsel to you is the same I give to myself: do what you can to safeguard our way of life, but be less concerned with how our country is going to change, and more concerned with how you are going to change. If your guy won, will you just relax and go back to the way things have been? Or, if your guy lost, will it finally fire you up—more than just politically?

As things continue to get worse—and they will keep getting worse, either gradually or instantly—will you willingly slink further into the dark, silent corner where society is corralling you; or will you stand and thrive in Messiah, sharing His truth, light and love? Will you continue to shrink back to protect yourself from the cancel culture and the surrounding degradation; or will you hold fast in the face of danger and shine the light of Messiah, pointing the way for others to find Him?

The days before us should not be about trying to preserve a country or a way of life, but about living and walking and acting as followers of Messiah—both in chaos and in peace. What happened in the election doesn’t matter. What matters is who, from now on, you are going to be.

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  • Fritzi Anderson
    November 13, 2020

    While we know this is ultimately true, I believe the Lord has put Pres. Trump in this office at this time to expose evil and wickedness and to make known the constitution upon which our country was founded and that by long-fought, personal sacrifice on the part of our forefathers.
    Yes, we know the end is near for Yeshua’s return and all you shared is true, we are called to stand for righteousness ourselves and stand strong, not bow and concede to corruption. I’d rather die fighting for truth and righteousness on behalf of the Lord’s commands in Torah than sit back and allow evil to prevail. I’d rather stand for defense of the innocent and proclaim Yah’s commands through my voting as well as my words to those I meet. He’s given us the command to stand for righteousness against the forces of evil and expects us to use the authority we have in Yeshua knowing that ultimately He has supreme control. Being complacent or having apathy about it and not fighting in the Spirit as well as in our involvement in the political process is only giving the enemy more ground we willingly concede to him and the demons deceiving the people today.

  • Suzi Wollman
    November 13, 2020

    Kevin, you are so right! It’s important to “hide [His] word in our hearts” now because there is no guarantee that our precious Bibles will be available tomorrow. Jesus learned the Scriptures by reciting them out loud. Perhaps we should do the same while we still have the written word from which to learn. Thank you for your insights!


    Suzi Wollman

    • Robert
      November 14, 2020

      Very good I like what you said…. I will ask the Father in heaven to put the words in my mouth to share at the time He picks to share with others… thank you for your thought…

  • Jay Mattern
    November 13, 2020

    WOW! I’ve never heard it expressed more clearly than that. It reminded me of the question being asked of Yeshua “When will the Kingdom of God arrive?” His answer, of course was that “It’s not something that can be observed, as it’s already in your midst!” So our focus must be on the Eternal Kingdom and not the impermanent one here on earth.